The Bee Report Podcast

Karin Gastreich: The prairie bees of Kansas City

March 20, 2020 Matt Kelly Season 1 Episode 5
The Bee Report Podcast
Karin Gastreich: The prairie bees of Kansas City
Show Notes

This week on the podcast I'm talking with Karin Gastreich, professor of biology at Avila University. Her recent work surveying the native bee communities in the remnant prairies around Kansas City was just published in the March issue of Ecological Restoration. She and I chat about the bees, the prairie ecosystems of yesterday and today, and the difference between restoration and reconstruction.

If you haven't yet spent time in the gently-waving tall grass of a modern prairie, surrounded by the buzzing of life, with blue sky touching the horizon in every direction – put it on your list! It is truly magical.

Karin Gastreich:
• Twitter @EolynChronicles
• Website

Remnant Prairies and Organic Gardens Provide Complementary Habitat for Native Bees Within a Midwestern Urban Matrix (Ecological Restoration)


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